Company profile

RDA is one of the leading providers of sapphire stones in the world, specializing in producing finished stones of superior quality.

The RDA legacy does not begin at one location, but rather in many places around the world, from which originated and were assembled vast professional and managerial experience, of more than 35 years, the RDA staff, among them Shaltiel Cohen, Israil Kloid, Jacob Hershkovich, Moshe Ziv and others.

The company headquarters and lapidary is currently located alongside the Israeli Diamond and Precious Stone Exchange in Ramat Gan, Israel. The rough material used by RDA, is of the highest quality available, delivered to the lapidary from Madagascar.

The company’s staff includes professional cutters, which convey their vast experience and skills in precious stone cutting and polishing. This, in addition to unique Israeli mechanical and optical methods of work, developed by Israeli engineers, brings the finished stones to the highest possible quality.