How can I be guaranteed of the quality of the stone provided by RDA?

First, it is important to mention that RDA uses the finest rough materials to produce stones, only A grade and above. Gems provided by RDA reach the client accompanied by a certificate confirming its quality and attributes. When necessary, a gemological certificate will be attached, objectively certifying the stone's quality and issued by a professional and objective laboratory.

How can I make sure that what I have bought is the stone displayed on your site?

Stones represented on our site are categorized by: shape, size, and color, All gems provided by RDA fulfill these criteria in order to match international gemstone standards. A certificate is provided with the stone, ensuring its properties and quality, matching measurements appear on our website for stones of its kind.

Do you provide natural sapphire stones or artificial ones?

RDA does not provide synthetic gemstones or use diffusion methods. All gemstones provided by RDA are of natural origins only, meaning they are mined and produced in nature; and were processed under legal processing methods only.

How long does the stone take to reach my hands?

Depending on where you are located!

Is shipment insured?

All shipments are insured from the minute they leave the factory gates, to the minute they reach the client's address. 

What can I do if I am not satisfied with the stone I have purchased?

If you are not satisfied with what you have bought you can either get your money back, or exchange the stone for another, according to the terms of use.

For which items of jewelry are sapphire stones suitable?

Sapphire stones are suitable for various uses, and are used in jewelry, fashion accessories and clothes. Gems set in jewelry are always burnished in standard sizes in order to fit the industry standards. Gems designated for other uses are provided in various shapes and colors.

Will you set a stone I have bought in a setting of my choice?

At this stage RDA provides only 'loose' gemstones, and does not offer settings, but we can recommend several craftsmen who will be able to set the stone you have bought from RDA in a setting of your choice.