Uses of Sapphire Stones

Sapphire gems have a variety of uses, ranging from the most familiar– jewelry, to the most unusual and creative– beauty and fashion. RDA provides a full range of sapphire stones, from 'standard' stones used in the jewelry industry through to specialized burnishing techniques for artists seeking to set sapphire stones in timepieces, luxury pens and other fashion accessories.



The most common of all uses is setting sapphires into precious metal jewelry, such as rings, earrings, necklaces etc. Gems designated for use in jewelry are usually categorized into standard shapes, sizes and colors according to most jewelers’ requirements.



Not only diamonds - many wrist watches carry sapphires, small ones or sometimes even a sapphire covering the watch itself.



Precious and special pens sometimes carry sapphires, bringing the art of writing to life.


Fashion Accessories

Not many know that sapphires are also set in fashion accessories, such as belts, buckles, hairpins, shoes etc. Every gem can be modified to match the client's needs.


Beauty and Care

Like the fashion world, the beauty world has also recently discovered sapphires and turned them into a status symbol. Sapphires are often used in the beauty industry as nail decorations etc. These industries use tiny stones which are set simply and easily.